About Bubble/Dome Skylights
Domes skylights are available in various styles for both residential and commercial applications.

All domes are manufactured to the exact size you need virtually eliminating the hassle and headache of making a "standard" size fit your application.

Simply choose the size and color of the dome(s) you need and one of our knowledgeable installers will keep you apprised of pricing and install time.

Westco Roofing only uses high quality dome skylights which are ultra-high-quality thermoformed roof lights. The dome lights have been designed to make optimum use of natural light.

We offer a wide range of sizes, shapes and glazing options to meet virtually any specification.

All of our dome skylights can be supplied with Curbs (Flat roof up stands) that are designed to be used in conjunction with our Dome roof lights to provide a thermally broken interface which in turn helps to improve the overall thermal efficiency of the roof.

Why are Plexiglas bubbles so popular as skylights?
Plexiglas bubble skylights are light, efficient, and inexpensive. They are particularly well-suited to flat roof installations since they shed water so well and gather light from many angles. Their light weight makes them easy to get up on the roof. Often the bubble shape allows for increased head room. They are quite modern in appearance and may not be suitable in certain architectural environments.

Why a bubble and not flat Plexiglas?
Forming Plexiglas into a bubble shape dramatically increases the strength of the flat sheet of plastic and helps to eliminate expansion and contraction, which can be detrimental or fatal to a skylight over time.

What are the color choices in Plexiglas bubble skylights?
Clear, white translucent, and solar bronze tinted plastic are the three primary choices.

What are curb-mounted skylights?
Curb-mounted skylights are the most common of all skylights. A curb is simply a wood box that is build higher than the roof and sealed to become part of the roof. The skylight is then dropped over the curb and attached from the outside.

Are there any other shapes available in Plexiglas and glass?
Yes, pyramid and double-hip shapes are available in either material. However, we Do Not manufacture those ourselves, instead we refer a partner skylight manufacturing company.
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