Grace's robust waterproofing product offering provides reliable solutions for all waterproofing designs and conditions. Grace invented the self-adhered waterproofing membranes more than 50 years ago and has been the leader in this category ever since.
Structural and foundation waterproofing, including above- and below-grade waterproofing, is a critically important component of any commercial building structure. Depending on its application, below-grade waterproofing could be pre-applied or post-applied. Post-applied waterproofing membranes are applied after the installation of the concrete walls. Pre-applied waterproofing is applied before the foundation is poured. These membranes may be used in wet environments or under wet conditions to a certain depth in order to promote soil stabilization and to provide foundation waterproofing.A pre-applied application must adhere to a strict set of installation guidelines; once the membrane has been installed, repair or maintenance is very difficult. Post-applied below grade waterproofing needs to be well-adhered and sealed to the structure, providing flexibility to accommodate structural movements. Above grade waterproofing installation can be an arduous task due to curves, corners, complex shapes and geometries, requiring a reliable waterproofing membrane.
Grace offers advanced waterproofing membranes and technologies for virtually all above- and below-grade commercial applications. Our brands, Bituthene, Preprufe, Procor, Hydroduct, and Adcor, include self-adhesive sheet-applied and fluid-applied waterproofing membranes, drainage composites and waterstops. Grace has expanded its portfolio with the addition of De Neef, offering preventative and remedial waterproofing, concrete protection and repair products.

Our innovations in structural waterproofing can be found in signature buildings and projects around the world, protecting their integrity for more than 50 years
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